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Linked Lead Pros

Linked Lead Pros

LinkedIn Lead Generation by Inline Marketing

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Marketers rate LinkedIn the #1 platform for B2B lead generation.

Your audience is on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Audience

More than half a billion professionals worldwide gather on LinkedIn to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and work smarter.

LinkedIn Lead

LinkedIn is the largest global community of online business professionals.

LinkedIn Profile

They come to LinkedIn with purpose and consume a range of professional content.

Insights LinkedIn

This is a very different mindset and intent from other social media platforms.

We help you expand your reach and boost your sales with a focus on three key areas of business growth.

Lead Generation

Leverage new relationships and authority status to develop qualified leads, nurture prospects through the buyers journey and win more deals.

Gaining Influence

Establish your brand as an authority and trusted advisor in your industry so that your top prospects are predisposed to trust and work with you.

Building Relationships

We help you identify and target your ideal prospects when they’re most engaged, building new relationships and developing a rapport for business.

Our Process

Profile LinkedIn

Establish Your LinkedIn Foundation

Our process(s) starts with establishing your ideal clients, personas, and messaging. We optimize and manage your LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal clients.

Lead Targets

Execute Targeted Outreach Campaigns

Set up and run multiple campaigns based on unique target audience profiles. Personalized 1:1 invites, follow-ups, connection greetings, ... all designed to reach your audience.

LinkedIn Leads

Automate Profile Visits and Follow-Ups

Don't Just Invite, Get Invited! Automate LinkedIn profile visits, follow-ups, and skill endorsements. Motivate people to visit your profile and connect with your company.

LinkedIn Promotion

 Promote Brand & Thought Leadership 

We focus on cultivating positive and memorable impressions that frame your company and its leaders as a trustworthy, authoritative source for your products and services.

Market To Who Matters

Reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network.


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